General Info
To discuss opportunities, please email the following materials to cindykao AT cornell DOT edu . There are opportunities for current and prospective students at Cornell, as well as shorter term internship, visiting scholar, PostDoc positions.

  • If you identify as a designer, artist, craftsperson, or maker, please include (1) your CV, (2) online or digital portfolio, (3) description of key skillsets, and (4) list of references.

  • If you identify as an engineer, scientist, or researcher, please include (1) your CV, (2) representative papers and/or projects, (3) description of key skillsets, and (4) list of references.

Feel free to include all of the above if you are a hybrid of both.

For Current Cornell Students: Independent Study Opportunties Starting Spring 2019
I have opportunities for Independent Study credits in DEA for students at Cornell starting Spring 2019. Please email me, with the materials listed above, to discuss taking the credit.

Graduate School Application Deadline and Info
At Cornell University, I am able to directly advise graduate students in Design + Environmental Analysis and Information Science. Each of these fields has their specific application requirements and processes, see links below for details. I strongly encourage prospective students to contact me before applying. All Ph.D. positions are fully funded. Application deadlines: